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Oral cancer is a deadly disease that can affect all patients of all ages, with over 40,000 diagnoses appearing every year in the US. The likelihood of recovery becomes more complicated as oral cancer spreads, which is why early diagnosis is crucial. If you notice any potential signs of oral cancer, or even if you are not manifesting any symptoms at all, we encourage you to schedule regular oral cancer screenings. Below are some symptoms of oral cancer that indicate you should see a dentist for a diagnosis:

– Unexplained but drastic weight loss
– Unusual or unexplained bleeding in the mouth
– Mouth and facial sores that can persist beyond two weeks
– Changes in your teeth’s alignment, such as how well they fit together and your ability to open and close your mouth
– Ear pain
– Numbness or a loss of feeling around the mouth, face, or neck
– Persistent feeling of a lump in the throat
– Irregularities in the mouth such as lumps, bumps, rough spots, swelling, crusts, or eroded areas
– Difficulty swallowing, chewing, eating, or speaking
– Constant sore throat
– Sudden but permanent change in your voice
– Blotches in the mouth that look white, red, or speckled

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