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Do you have a severe pain in your tooth? If so, you have a toothache. Many people ignore this ache and just hope it goes away. This is a mistake because oftentimes a toothache is a symptom of a more serious issue. In that case, you need to call Rock Rose Dental at 916-784-3337 as soon as possible and schedule an appointment with your dentist, Dr. Hoang Truong. During the appointment, you will receive the treatment you need to wash the pain away.

Before you come into our office for treatment, you need to identify the cause behind your toothache. The most common causes in the world today include:

Tooth decay: Tooth decay is one of the most common causes of a toothache. If you rinse with saltwater and brush and floss your teeth but the pain won’t recede, there is a high chance tooth decay is causing the pain.

Infection: Oftentimes, infection in the gums, like an abscessed tooth, causes tooth decay. Usually, an abscess involves a bump or swelling in the nearby gums.

Fractures: A fractured tooth can easily cause a toothache. Tooth fractures often occur when you experience a hard blow to the face or when you bite down on something hard.

Damaged dental work: A broken dental crown, dental bridge, or dental filling can be causing your toothache. It’s best to visit your dentist to get your dental restoration repaired so your pain goes away.

Something stuck between your teeth: The most common cause of a toothache is something stuck between the teeth. All you need to do is brush, floss, and rinse and it will likely fall out of place. If it doesn’t, talk to your dentist about getting it professionally removed.

Now that you’ve identified the cause of your toothache, it’s best to call our office and schedule an appointment if the ache is caused by a more serious issue. If you would like to learn more about toothaches in Roseville, California, please call our office at your earliest convenience. Our dental team is more than happy to help you in any way you need!