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If you are struggling using threaded dental floss, or suffer from a condition or previous treatment that makes flossing too difficult or impossible with thread alone, try switching your interdental cleaning utensil out for a water flosser. Here are a few more benefits and tips about water flossers:

– Water flossers use beams of water to clean between your teeth rather than strands of thread.
– An assortment of prior dental treatments could make it impossible or extremely difficult to use traditional dental flossing thread. Water flossers are excellent alternatives for individuals with treatments such as veneers, dental bridges, dentures, dental crowns, and orthodontic aligners.
– If you fail to suitably and correctly floss with threaded dental floss due to muscle or bone weaknesses or old age, water flossers are a suitable alternative.
– The best water flossers to use are those suggested by your dentist or ones that are branded with the ADA Seal of Acceptance from the American Dental Association.

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