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Did you know gum disease can be dangerous to your oral health? Well, it’s true! Gum disease causes many oral health problems that are serious and expensive to correct. That is why it is best to avoid gum disease at all costs by taking great care of your teeth and gums.

Our professional and friendly staff here at Rock Rose Dental in Roseville, California, wants to discuss the importance of gum disease and inform you of all the harm it can cause to your oral health. First, there are two types of gum disease: gingivitis and periodontitis. Gingivitis is a form of gum disease that only affects your gums and the soft tissue area of your smile around your teeth. Periodontitis is more dangerous to your oral health. Periodontists affect your gums and the bone structure of your jaw bone that supports your teeth.

To help you understand the problems that can occur with gum disease easier, our team has developed this list of things that can happen to your smile if you develop gum disease and let it go untreated. This list includes:

-Red, swollen gums
-Bleeding gums
-Having loose teeth
-Pus coming from your gums
-Bad breath
-A change in your teeth and bite
-Losing a tooth
-Bone loss

Many things can cause gum disease. Some of these things include:

-Neglecting your brushing and flossing habits daily
-Avoiding your regular dental checkups
-Smoking or using any tobacco can increase risks and can lead to oral cancer
-Eating foods that are sticky and stick to your teeth.
-Having too much plaque and tartar buildup creating cavities
-Neglecting treatment of cavities
-Women who are pregnant are also at a higher risk, along with anyone suffering from diabetes, cancer, and other serious illness.

If you feel you are showing symptoms of gum disease, please call our office today at 916-784-3337. Our professional staff is trained to help you treat, and possibly reverse this disease and bring your smile back to beautiful and healthy shape. So, call us today and schedule an appointment. Our staff is ready to take your call!