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Are you looking to enhance your smile by providing pain relievers before your oral health care treatments? Did you know that several different forms of sedatives can be used to help improve your smile and lower your risk of various pains and discomforts you may feel during your oral health care procedures?

Are you familiar with the different types of sedation dentistry that are available to improve your teeth and gums? If you’re in need of a sedative such as gas sedation in the form of laughing gas, a mask can be placed over your mouth to provide a minimum amount of care. Through gas sedation, you can feel calm and relaxed, although the sedative can wear off rather quickly.

For a stronger sedative, consider the use of oral sedatives, intravenous sedatives and deep sedatives via general anesthesia. If you need an oral sedative, medications can be administered that can take effect roughly an hour after they are ingested. Furthermore, intravenous sedation is fast-acting and goes to work almost immediately. However, for the best form of sedative, visit your dentist for the appropriate treatments.

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