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If you need a tooth restoration, it’s incredibly important to have it done quickly. Otherwise, bacteria may enter the tooth and infect the pulp, resulting in the need for a root canal and in extreme cases, an extraction. Tooth restorations can evade potential disaster if done correctly. Here are a few very impressive restorations which can improve the quality of your smile:

– If your smile is stained or discolored, a professional teeth whitening treatment can do wonders. Unlike over-the-counter whiteners which can either damage your teeth and gums or are slow and ineffective, professional teeth whiteners are guaranteed to be safe and highly effective.
– Dental crowns are tooth replacements which provide both aesthetics and functionality for cracked or chipped teeth. Crowns coat and conceal a tooth down to the gumline to reinstate basic functions like eating and speaking in order to give a tooth a superior look.
– Dental fillings are specially designed to fill in cavities and avoid further damage.
– Dental veneers are thin shells placed on the fronts of teeth that can be crafted and designed for the perfect look and function for chipped, cracked or discolored teeth.

If you are not sure which treatment is right for you, Dr. Hoang Truong and the rest of our team can help. Just call Rock Rose Dental at our dentist office in Roseville, California, to book an appointment. Our number is 916-784-3337, and we look forward to making your smile shine soon!