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If you want a strong and successful oral health, then it’s best to prevent dental issues as much as possible. To help you do so, our Rock Rose Dental team recommends taking advantage of preventive dental treatments in Roseville, California. Some preventive dental treatments that can help you include:

Dental cleanings: Dental cleanings are vital, especially if you want a top-notch oral health. These treatments are important because they are the only way to completely eliminate plaque and tartar from the surfaces of your teeth. But why is that necessary? Well, plaque and tartar are very harmful substances, and if they are left untreated, they can create tooth decay and gum disease.

Dental sealants: Dental sealants are wafer-thin shells that cover your teeth and protect them from particles that cause major dental issues. They are clear products that shield your teeth and keep them in tip-top shape. They are generally recommended for children with poor oral hygiene, but adults can also take advantage of them—as long as they don’t have any dental fillings.

Dental fluoride treatment: Fluoride treatment is essential when preventing dental issues. It is essential because it strengthens and nourishes your teeth, giving them the ability to fight off tooth decay. When you come into our office, we will give you a treatment that will come in the form of a foam, gel, or varnish.

If you are ready to bring your smile back to it’s radiant best, or if you are due for a dental cleaning and exam, we invite you to call our office at 916-784-3337 and schedule an appointment with Dr. Hoang Truong. The sooner you come in, the sooner you’ll reach your smile goals. We look forward to helping you!