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A crown lengthening is a simple procedure typically needed to largen an area for a crown or filling to be placed. If there isn’t room, it’s usually due to a broken off tooth or lost filling/crown. Our dental professionals here at Rock Rose Dental want to give you the information needed before going through this procedure.

Pre-surgery, your periodontist will examine your x-rays and medical history. This will help them determine how much bone or soft tissue to take off. A temporary crown, if needed, will be placed until surgery, or you may need a tooth cleaning so there isn’t any plaque or tooth decay between the tooth and the new crown or filling.

During surgery, your periodontist will go in with few tools to cut down the gums until there is enough root and bone exposed for a placement. You will then be cleaned with sterile salt water, the gums stitched down together, and carefully bandaged.

Post-surgery, your periodontist will give you different treatments and prevention methods. This includes icing your cheek on the side of the surgery to reduce swelling. They may prescribe pain medication and mouth rinse to clean out any unwanted bacteria or plaque. Eat a diet of soft foods, and use a small irrigator using water to get rid of any food fragments left in the mouth.

Your stitches will be taken out after about a week, and then you’ll see your periodontist after a few weeks to look at how far you’ve healed. With the correct methods, you can heal with a 3-month period and get back to your daily regimen of brushing twice and flossing once daily.

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