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As often as we brush our teeth, we should be flossing as well. Brushing is a daily routine everybody should have, and so should flossing be as well. If you only remember to brush your teeth, it is likely food particles stuck between your teeth will remain. Flossing is the most effective technique you can employ for cleaning these areas.

Flossing for the holidays may entirely depend on your own abilities to accomplish the tasks, but our team here at Rock Rose Dental want to help you do so as safely, effectively, and efficiently as possible. Here are some of the most important things to keep in mind about flossing:

How often should you floss?

–  The American Dental Association recommends you floss at least once per day.

What is the proper technique for flossing?

– You should use a piece of thread that is roughly 18” in length wrapped around your middle fingers. Move to a new section of the floss for each tooth. Be sure to floss between every tooth, including the last ones in the back of your mouth.

What types of floss work best?

– There are two main types of floss: nylon multifilament floss or single filament floss. Nylon floss can come waxed or unwaxed. Single filament floss is nearly impossible to shred but tends to cost more. Either type is acceptable. You dentist may also recommend a separate type of dental flossing apparatus.

What does flossing do?

– Flossing between your teeth can remove plaque and debris that brushing alone cannot reach. Flossing helps in the prevention of gum disease and cavities.

The more options you implement for your oral health, the healthier your teeth can be. If you would like to speak with our dentist at Rock Rose Dental or to set up an appointment with Dr. Hoang Truong, you can call us at 916-784-3337 or stop by our office at Roseville, California. The smile of your dreams is only a visit away!