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-Do you deal with anxiety or severe stress when visiting the dentist? Thanks to the advances in modern medicine, there are several types of sedation methods to ease your fears, calm your nerves, and make your dental visit more enjoyable and comfortable than ever.

A common practice is the use of gas to help relax a patient. This form of sedation is known as inhaled minimal sedation and consists of a mixture of oxygen and nitrous oxide, which is better known as laughing gas. Laughing gas is safe and effective and quickly wears off.

A sedative can be administered in a pill. However, a pill can take some time to take effect.
Usually, pills are taken an hour before a procedure. It is important that you follow the dentist’s instructions when it comes to medication.

Intravenous sedatives are introduced into a patient’s bloodstream. They are very effective and fast-acting.

A general anesthetic will essentially put a patient to sleep for the duration of the procedure. It takes some time to wear off and you should follow your dentist’s instructions regarding aftercare

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