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Did you know your bad breath can be treated? In fact, bad breath that is persistent is also known as halitosis, which is hard to mask behind breath mints and gum. That is why it is always best to face your halitosis and find treatments that can work with you. Our dentists, Dr. Hang Truong and Dr. Asma Sajid with Rock Rose Dental in Roseville, California, care about your oral health and are pleased to provide you with ways to treat your halitosis.

Here are some basic treatments for correcting your halitosis:

– Have you heard of the risk factors associated with dentures? If dentures are not routinely cleaned, they can house bacteria known for producing bad breath.

– Bad breath is often a result of poor oral hygiene. To reverse this, brush your teeth every day and floss once every day to eliminate plaque buildup and bacteria responsible for bad breath.

– If you are involved in unhealthy habits such as smoking, eliminate them immediately to help lower your risk of bad breath.

– Your dentist has several treatments and restorations that can improve your smile to ensure that bad breath will not come your way.

– Saliva flow helps eliminate bad breath. Always focus on saliva producing treatments and restorations to limit your risk of bad breath.

– Mouthwash, specifically therapeutic mouthwash, has been shown to effectively eradicate bacteria that create bad breath.

If you are ready to stop hiding behind breath mints and gum, then call us today at 916-784-3337 to make an appointment. Our dental team can find out the cause of your halitosis and help reverse your condition, so you don’t have to hide behind breath mints anymore. So, call us today and let us help your smile.