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Had you heard that there are a number of things you should consider doing if you’re hoping to keep your teeth healthy and strong? Would you be surprised to hear that brushing and flossing your pearly whites could actually help you fight off tooth decay and gum disease–which might actually be much more common than you might expect. Other issues, such as dry mouth, could also leave you more vulnerable to these problems.

If you have dry mouth, your mouth won’t produce as much saliva as it should. There are a number of factors that could lead to dry mouth. For example, would you be surprised to hear that at least four hundred medicines could cause dry mouth? Nerve damage and some disease can also cause dry mouth. Aside from a dry feeling in your mouth, there are a few symptoms you should know about. If your mouth feels sticky, if your tongue feels dry, or if you have unusual sores in your mouth, we recommend contacting our team or your doctor. If your dry mouth is caused by the medications you take, your doctor may be able to adjust your medications. Our team may also be able to give you specific advice.

If you’re interested in learning more about treating dry mouth in Roseville, California, please don’t hesitate to give Rock Rose Dental a call at 916-784-3337. Our dentist, Dr. Hoang Truong, and our team will be happy to inspect your teeth and help you deal with issues caused by dry mouth. We look forward to meeting with you!