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If you have suffered tooth decay or complications from gum disease, you may find yourself struggling with poor oral health and a loss of oral function. An instance of damaged or missing teeth can cause you to struggle with chewing, struggle with speech, and struggle to regain the quality of your life. We can help you correct compromised teeth by fitting your smile for a set of custom-made dentures.

The purpose of dentures is to help your smile regain full function and improve your smile’s appearance for many, many years in the future. Depending on how many teeth are weakened or have been lost, you may need to receive dentures for just one arch of teeth or receive a full denture set to fully replace your smile.

If you still have teeth in your mouth, our dentist may arrange for a tooth extraction to ensure that your dentures are able to fit properly and will remain firmly in place. Following the removal of the teeth, we can take a detailed impression of the oral structure, which is sent to a dental lab to custom craft the new permanent dentures.

Some patients prefer to apply denture adhesive to their dentures to ensure that there is a tight seal that stops food particles from sticking in any gaps where the dentures don’t meet the gums. 

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