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Part of maintaining a healthy smile involves preventing cavities, which is especially important for young children who haven’t quite developed effective oral hygiene habits. Many children also have deep grooves in the biting surfaces of their molars and premolars, and if these teeth cleaned properly every day, they could become a prime location for large cavities.

Our dentist can help you prevent cavities in your child’s smile by placing dental sealants on any permanent molars and premolars that are hard to clean.

Made from a clear plastic resin, dental sealants are shells that Dr. Hoang Truong paints onto the biting surfaces of the back teeth to create an invisible barrier so that bacteria can’t attack the healthy tooth enamel. It is often best to apply dental sealants at the end of your child’s regular dental checkup so that the surfaces of the teeth are completely clean. Once the resin is in place, we harden it and bond it to the tooth with a special ultraviolet light.

Be sure to explain to your child that their dental sealants only protect the chewing surface of the back teeth and that all of the teeth still need to be brushed and flossed every day. Dental sealants possess the durability to withstand several years’ worth of cleanings and wear.

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