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A key time in a person’s life with regard to oral health are the teen years. During this period, a teen’s adult teeth come in. If you can avoid the risks that come with the teen years, your teeth can last for a lifetime of happiness and effectiveness.

For more information about teenage dental issues, see below:

– Wisdom teeth grow in during the teen years, and they tend to come with a host of potential ailments including infections, alignment problems, growth issues, and lingering jaw pain.
– Your mouth is frequently at risk as a teen from sports and high-risk activities. Guard your smile during contact sports by wearing mouth guards, face masks, and head gear when available.
– Although smoking can lead to serious health disorders throughout your body, it begins by attacking your oral health, including darkening your teeth and gums and increasing your chances for tooth decay and gum disease.
– Although mouth jewelry is often considered in fashion, especially amongst teens, it is important to realize the health risks that come with it. Mouth jewelry can pose a choking hazard and even crack or chip your teeth if they come into contact with them at any time. Moreover, serious infectious diseases such as hepatitis can be linked to mouth jewelry.
– Do not give in to peer-pressure when it comes to alcohol and drugs since they can have negative consequences for your oral health.

With proper dental care during the teen years, your smile will not only look better, but it can be healthier too. If you would like to meet with Dr. Hoang Truong and our team at Rock Rose Dental for an examination, please call 916-784-3337 to schedule an appointment at our office in Roseville, California. We look forward to enhancing your smile!